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P3D v4 AIBTC and ground vehicles


Is there someone who can tell me if ground vehicle traffic with Google KML waypoints and compiled by AIBTC is still working?
I do not seem to get the vehicles to show up nor their supposed trail on PlanG.


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This is a user vehicle landed on an AI boat in V4 and I used the software tools you mentioned, so yes.

I am speaking about ground vehicles (with a sim.cfg) that follow a certain route on land based on a GE KML file.
Yours is a boat on the water and that works for me too (including landing on it with a heli :) ).


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Never gotten that to work. I had better luck spoofing my vehicles as AI planes and getting them to follow taxi paths.
Hi Roby,
it works, but it is a bit tricky. I let a bus cruise around the airport Santorini in Greece (LGSR). The problem is the streets in FSX differ from the streets in GE. So the way of the Bus is very inaccurate. You need the program AIBTC. I attach the BGL for this vehicle and you have to change for a vehicle of your own. Please write if you need more information. In principle it is the same way as the shipstraffic.

Edit: I send you also the 3 decompiled traffic-files


  • trafficBusGreece_8000.zip
    1.1 KB · Views: 34
  • RoutesBusGreece_8000.zip
    1.3 KB · Views: 29
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Thank you, Christian.
Unfortunately, everything you say is already known by me and worked fine in FS9 (that is when I last used AIBTC).
My traffic, routes, boats and plans are exactly the same as yours are (only the location and model are different) and I should have no problem with the route as I have a photoreal background.
If I understand you correctly you have your traffic inside a flattened airport area where mine is not. That gave no problems in FS9 but I wonder if the same goes for P3Dv4.
Okay, I never tried it at unflatted scenery, and I use the traffic only with FSX. P3D is AFAIK a "better" FSX and so I don't know if it works with this SIM. I would say try it and you will see :cool: