AIFP 3.2.15 Problems

I just recently downloaded the new version and i keep getting an error that says the requested security protocol is not supported and also AIFP 3.2.15 can't read any of the aircraft.cfg files and denies it,even my default FS9 aircraft.Is there something wrong with the application.
The requested security protocol pops up when I open the AIFP application and instead of connecting to the app looking for a new update,it gives me the error message giving me the option to continue or quit the application. When I click continue then the application can't read any of the aircraft.cfg files.


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I open the AIFP application and instead of connecting to the app looking for a new update
Presumably, you have AIFP Options configured to check for updates at startup. It appears that your computer is configured for an internet communications protocol that prevents AIFP from connecting to the AIFP server. There's not much I can do about that. So, I suggest your remove this option and check for updates manually at

Updates don't occur very frequently and I always announce them in this forum.

The quit or continue option is a Windows "offering". AIFP does not throw exceptions except in unusual circumstances. When an exception occurs, it is often unlikely that AIFP can continue - irrespective of what the message window says.

Ok,now how do I fix AIFP to read my Aircraft.cfg files since it can't read them.I never had this problem with previous versions of the application. They just show up as red x unavailable aircraft and error messages all pop up for each aircraft in AIFP saying they can't find the .cfg file and access is denied.


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Most unusual. I assume you are no longer checking for updates at startup and the security protocol message is no longer generated.

Just realized you probably can turn off the check for updates option in your circumstances. Before doing anything else, with AIFP NOT running, open your aifp.cfg file (Notepad or any other text editor will do), find the line starting with "No Automatic Updates" and set it to "True". That should do it, but to be sure, delete the following line ("Development Updates"). Save the file and restart AIFP.

Ok,the updates are gone now.Now the error messages still pop up for the aircraft files.It reads that it is Unable to read aircraft.cfg and that the Exmessage: Access to the path aircraft.cfg is denied. That's for all the aircraft i have. Is there someway to fix this.


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The "access denied" message is Windows "doing its thing". AIFP's "user" hasn't been given sufficient access privileges.

I suspect you installed FlightSim on your C: drive. That problematic. Are you running as Administrator - not simply being the administrator but running AIFP "as Administrator". If not, give that a try. If that doesn't work, review your user privileges. It's Windows that's objecting (AIFP is simply parroting the error message), so it's Windows you must satisfy.