AIFP ignores .cfg file

Hello all

I know I should be digging deeper into finding the answer but I've RTFM and used a few searches here but can't find a solution, let alone sb talking about my problem.

When in open AIFP via .zip file I get the logo and season info shown in the top left section of the window, no problem. However, once I unzip and open as .txt file, the info is lost.

It's particularly time-consuming to substitute aircraft names and I have to use the same search for each and every a/c., e.g. a large fleet such as LH, because the 'seek' command in the [main] section is similarly ignored.

Why is opening the flightplan as .txt. ignoring the .cfg and not as .zip?

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Hi, Chris. The .txt load is a general function. The .zip opening is custom designed for AIG archives. But, to answer your specific question, nobody has asked for that feature (i.e., use of the .cfg file with .txt file sets). I guess most people download/install all the required aircraft .zips in the first setting.

Without taking a close look at the code, I have no idea how easy or difficult it would be to use the .cfg file with .txt filesets.

I'm busy on another project right now, so it will be a while before I have an opportunity to assess the situation. I suggest you post in the AIG forum and ask how others handle the situation.



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Chris, I've taken a "quick peek" at the code. It seems easy enough to use an aifp.cfg file that exists in the same folder as a file set. But, it would only work if you maintain a separate folder for each flightplan file set. If you had, for example, two filesets in the same folder (which I suspect is not unusual), you could only have one aifp.fg file. There is no current way to determine to which file set the .cfg file belonged.

Had your suggestion been raised seven or eight years ago when the feature was being designed, it could easily have been accommodated. But to make it work now - not so much.

Hello gadgets

Many thanks for your prompt reply! At least I can now be sure it's not me getting it all wrong.

I indeed open the .zip first and substitute a/c names for the ones that I actually own but when I come across a new plane, I save the flightplans and install the plane first, then continue from the .txt file folder - I think that's how it happened. The incorporation of the .cfg files does come in handy when browsing through hundreds of ai planes. Without the search term defined by said .cfg it just adds a few more steps to the process and becomes a nuisance with larger carriers. A luxury problem, really. Still a very useful tool!

Many thanks and enjoy NYE! Greets from Germany