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MSFS AIFP - Planes wont depart again

Hi everybody!

i am working with GAmod - offline edition. I have my fleet ready and making complete overhaul for Finland. However there is some problems that i have answers and dont have. My method is makin GA traffic around the airport with: depart and arrival to same airport. And because AIFP need 2 legs to complete fp, it is like this with 2h interval (XXXX is example airport):
- 00:00 XXXX to XXXX (flight time in theory 19min but in reality 29-32min)
- 01:00 XXXX to XXXX

Here is the problems
1) Aircraft doesent go to parking spots, even that there are free one. They just find a closest runway after sightseeing in grass and taxiways, and depart again. Maeby there is just too many flightplans in the airport? So i have solution for that next:
2) If i make less flightplans, aircraft´s doesent start leg#2. I have 20min waiting time and they go to there after leg#1, but in that ramp after 20min waiting, aircrafts status is changing to "taxiing" but nothing still happens. They just wont move towards runways. What could be the problem? MSFS 2020 problem?
3) Workaound for the problem #2 should be making leg#1 as TNG (Touch and go) flightplan. That way i can have flights in the air withing 2h period.

Here is one question about the repeat section.
4) If i have 4h intervall and flight departing 00:00 in flightplan, so is aircraft departing in MSFS 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00?
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