AIFP v3.2.09 Check for missing aircraft and textures Error

My very first use of AIFP!...that stated I used the as a starting place. Configured all of the 737's in that flight plan, compiled (no errors). I then selected in AIFP under the "Aircraft" dropdown, "Check for Missing Aircraft and Textures" which presented me nearly a complete list of all of the AI planes I had configured. The only ones it left out of the list were the SWA 737-800's. Stating
"The following aircraft are not available for P3Dv3".
I ran P3Dv3 with this compiled flight plan and the SWA planes of even the 737-700 Old Color are present.
What have a done wrong? You wont hurt my feelings...this is my first ever use of any AI tools.
Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Resource contributor
Presumably, what you see as the problem is the report of missing aircraft that are not actually missing. Did you restart AIFP at any point during this entire process? If not, restart AIFP and try again.

Depending on your setting of the option Maintain Installed A/C list, this could occur.

Don, a thousand thanks!....No I had not restarted AIFP and YES, after your instructions. All is resolved. I read and re-read the AIFP manual but apparently it didnt sink in :) Thanks for a GREAT pgm.



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You're welcome. I added that feature a long while back when computers weren't so fast and re-generation of installed aircraft lists for large "stables" took a noticeable period of time. A lot of users "trip" over it.

If you are not bothered by the associated delays, leave the option checked.