P3D v4 AIFP3 error

Hi, I just installed AIFP3 in my new PC running win10 & P3Dv4, both new to me.
As Administrator and after clicking on AIFP3 so as to start AIFP a windows pops up reading: Your current "Airport List.dat" file must be reformatted to take advantage of the latest features . Any airports that you have updated/added will be preserved and a copy of the file made. Any idea how todo this and why? I have not done this and, might this be the reason why when starting
a new Flight Plan , right after placing the airport's ICAO in this case SPSO which is an airport on the Airport List, , AIFP pops up a window indicating that this is not a valid airport and that it has no Time Zone when I have chosen Local Time?
Appreciate some comments since its been really a very long time since I last used AIFP, it is also a new version, AIFP3 and I might be missing something?


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its been really a very long time since I last used AIFP,
It must be if you are getting that message.

You don't have to do anything but click OK.

Re the missing Time zone, if you've downloaded the latest release, the timezone will be found following the update of AitportsList.dat.

Unless you have entered custom airports, it's probably better to just abandon your old AIFP and kame a clean start with the latest release.

Thanks for your reply Don.
Yes its been a really long time, want to start from scratch in the new PC, where I don’t have the old FP’s that I had created.
Understand that there is nothing to do but click OK, and in fact that is what I did and got stoped with the Time zone issue.
So having installed the latest AIFP version, how is the update of the Airport list done?
Appreciate your help
This is what you say: Re the missing Time zone, if you've downloaded the latest release, the timezone will be found following the update of AitportsList.
So what I am asking is if having downloaded AIFP version 3 your comment seems to indicate that there is an update to be made of the airport list? and would appreciate if you let me know how to do it, because apparently there is a need to do “something” because every airport that I try to use the pop up windows indicating that it has no Time Zone displays and doesn’t let you go ahead.
Sorry for this but if possible, would appreciate your help


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Re the missing Time zone, if you've downloaded the latest release, the timezone will be found following the update of AitportsList.
Sorry to have mislead you. It should have read "If you don't download the latest release ..."

to solve the Time issue you are recomending to download
There is an issue in 3.2.10 with timezones in countries with "The" in the name, like "The Bahamas", "The Netherlands", etc.. It will not affect Peru. Nonetheless, I do recommend installing the latest development release since it contains fixes for a few recently-discovered, primarily-esoteric issues that may or may not affect you.

OK so I downloaded the latest AIFP development form http//stuff4fs.com and gave the installer AIFP3.exe the path where I have AIFP3 installed on my hard drive so as to extract It there. Fine. Started to create a brand new flight plan SPSO to SPLP, had problems with SPSO not Time issue but airport not identified which was corrected with the airport editor. However could not achieve the same with SPLP and had to change the destination to SPIM which did work. Created the 1st FP not as I wanted to, but fine after initial problems. However there seem to be issues still to resolve.
Appreciate your comments


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There is no installer for AIFP. As noted in the user manual and readmes, you simply copy all the files from the downloaded archive into the destination folder.

Also, as mentioned in the development release readme, before installing a development release, you must first install (in the manner mentioned above) the latest general release - because a development release only includes the updated files.

So, download and install General Release 3.2.10. Then, download and install Development Release 3.2.10(j) - which includes only the executable.

This is what Iv’e done. Had the General Release 3.2.1 installed and then after hearing from you downloaded and installed the Executable from Release 3.2.1 (j) that replaced the original one, correct,? or do I need to do it again?


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I'm troubled by your use of the term "installed" after what you said in the earlier post. Just to be sure, delete (or rename your) current AIFP folder and do what I said above.

All worked out smoothly. Evidently I did something wrong the first time. Planes used for my 1st.FP are at the correct airport waiting fot the time to depart.
Thanks for your invaluable help.
Don don’t know if you will read this, but after my last post was away from my PC and just came back to see if all was OK. and unfortunatly it seems that Imhave still something missing because that aircrafts of the new flight plans show at the selcted airports but they don’t seem to move nor fly and I have waited for them and changed different times of the day. Wonder whats wrong


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Have you perhaps programmed your departure times as local time but are looking at UTC in the Sim - or vice vera?

If that's not the issue, please send me the traffic file and tell me in detail what you expect to happen (that's not) and when.

Don, the travel plans have been made using local times and when I go to the airport using local time, aircrafts are there but not executing the departures programed.
Yes sending you one of the traffic plans would be great, but how do I do this? Can it be sent directly from the application?


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Just attach your traffic file to a post. And, please don't forget the details. Please specify one aircraft at one airport at one time.

But first, if you are not using stock airport, please check again at a default airport so as to eliminate the airport as the basis of the problem.

As to your question of what am I expecting to happen: departure and arrival of the aircrafts from the selected airports at the indicated times and destinations, as I have seen them doing on older FP that I created years ago.