FS2004 Aircraft in multiple Flightplans

Is there any way that AIFP can find aircraft that installed in multiple FPs.
I know that AIFP can search aircraft individually and you can see the associated FP files, but a multiple search just lists every FP installed.

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Resource contributor
If you mean identify only aircraft that appear in multiple flight plans, then no. For what purpose would you use such a feature?

The problem I have is with FPs that have been superseded and have used a different naming convention, allowing the same aircraft to be in more than one FP.
My major bugbear is with the UGA series of FPs where I suppose what could be termed "beta" FPs were released and then the official FPs added in extras. This was where it became apparent to me that it was possible, and in an attempt to tidy up my installation I was just querying if it was possible to check through all my FPs in an easy/already implemented utility.

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