Aircraft selection prior to mission start

I have written a small tool that lets you select any aircraft installed on your specific Flight Simulator installation prior to start the mission.
That was not a big deal. For future use it will classify aircraft into "groups" accordingly to the original missions intention.
E.G. if a Cessna 208B was selcted it could be also any other aircraft of the samne class. Still working on such classification properties.

Nevertheless this shall not be the point of this post. Once released such tools are spread around quite fast.

The plus is that a user can use his prefered airplane. In most cases cmmercial add ons.

In general, you as a mission developer, would you be happy with such a tool concerning your customers or users?


Resource contributor
Does this modify the flight file?

If so, please be sure to make a backup. In addition, warn users that modifying multiplayer missions will cause the mission to become incompatible and no longer allow the user to join or host that particular multiplayer mission with others. Flight Simulator has this as an anti-cheat precaution.

However, in my personal opinion, the default solution of checking "allow changes in the selected mission" (or whatever the checkbox up top is), then changing the aircraft in flight should be sufficient.