FS2004 Aircraft textures not appear

Time ago .. an American friend of the A2A forum, at my request, made me a custom livery
of the P51D Mustang. With my surprise, when he transmitted it, I saw that the textures did not appear.
I analyzed them..they were all .bmp .. apparently regular.
N.B I also added the variation in the .cfg sheet
Any suggestions ? Thank you


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What format are the BMP textures in? If regular 24 bit textures, they will not display in FS9. Load them into DXTBmp and the format should be displayed in the title bar. If 24 bit, use this program to save them in 888 32 bit format.
Which program..please ?
I used DXTBmp and the textures appeared but not the format in the title bar
...only Bitmaps..512x512..1024x1024...
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No, not lucky (nor rich) enough. I live in East County.

My copy of DXTBmp clearly shows the format:

As you can see this BMP file is 24 bit.

All textures show brown colour.Damn..I eliminated an old version of DXTBmp that showed the correct bmp
But it can see correctly textures of other aircraft.

P.S Anyway you live in a beautiful city..a very nice climate,a great bay and...an important naval fleet
In California my wife loves S.Diego first...it is so mediterranean
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