Well I am utter dumb founded as to what is the pop with ADX!

I registered an account and attempt to log in.... "Username or Password incorrect". So then I click "Forgot password" and begin the process to change my password - great.. now let's log in.... "Username or Password incorrect".

I have no idea where to go with this now as it is clear AirDailyX does not want me to be a registered member - which is extremely ironic considering they posted a long rant complaining about this community being/becoming toxic.

I have contacted ADX in regards to a bit of advertisement for my products, re-launching Aviasim etc etc..... zero response.
So, if any ADX rep is here... what is your problem with me? why do you constantly refuse me access to your website and why don't you want to expose us as a new, up and coming, dedicated scenery development team?

Years and years ago in my early days, when I first went by the name "Aviasim" - they were extremely quick to share my news, maybe too quick - although myself and D'Andre did get in to some heated discussions in regards to what was being said - I remember asking D'Andre to stop broadcasting news about me as back then.. I was in my early development days and simply could not deal with the attention I got from ADX or the amount of traffic I did once get thanks to ADX. Anyhow, the "Aviasim" brand quickly died and I began to work for other companies on a freelance basis and released multiple products. Now I am back to focusing 100% self-employment to my company, which is now a registered UK Limited company - currently preparing a release for my first product....though it seems D'Andre and the team at ADX are still holding that grudge against me from about 7 years ago and refusing to talk to me on a personal level or expose me with advertisement, using the form on their website.

This is rather extremely irritating as I have taught numerous people to develop scenery, some of those folks are now in a much better situation than me, kind of like "turning the tables" where my "student" becomes my "teacher" - although my company name and personal name may not be known by few - this is just the nature of freelance working, and of course working for a certain company that refuses to even have my name in the manual that I write myself...although, it was actually MYSELF keeping few certain companies "in business".

I'm a full time scenery developer, I don't have no other job or part-time work and focus all my time to this... this community - I don't get payed because I currently have no products on the shelf (yet) and the products I did release for other companies.. well I was payed a fixed wage that doesn't even exceed the UK minimum wage - quite frankly in my opinion.. taking advantage of someone in difficult financial situation with job offers that sound cushty until you are sworn to the product the company wants. And let me say this - although I am no longer with the company I am refering to, and maybe this company is now dead - I am still willing to talk to the publishers of these products to provide long awaited updates.

All I am seeking is some sort of support, finally, please ADX!
It's clear to me that Lansing is no way as popular as Atlanta or JFK... but so far only FSDeveloper visitors know of it.

If I had done something majorly wrong and/or illegal whilst in this business, I would understand any grudge ADX has against me... but I have not, I'm just trying to be as transparent as everyone, because I am a scenery developer and NOT a business man - I enjoy this work and like to help others where needed as much as possible.

Finally one last time, if any ADX rep is reading this, please do take the amicable approach and contact me so we can square away the past 7 years, I was a child back then, now a fully grown adult with a child and won't be stopping scenery development any time soon.


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Aren't there other FS news outlets there?
These guys/gals normally circle the Showroom (incognito) like crows circle a roadkill, so if you show off some proof of progress for your scenery it'll likely result in at least a short mention somewhere else.
I'd start by removing D'Andre from the rant......has been long gone from ADX!
I'm not ranting I'm making a plea to ADX to just drop whatever grudge they have against me. I have not dealt with ADX for many many years so I find it funny that I can't log in to my account even though I am 100% using the correct username and password and the fact I have been waiting weeks for a response from them after filling out the form on their website for advertisement. So either ADX is now completely dead or they are blatently disregarding me from the community and I want to know why.