FSX Airport LFBU whith ADE

hello for All
you can download my LFBU version in my website.

That is a simple version but only whis Gmax.
Now i try to us ADE for updating my preferate airport
I dont understand a probleme.
when i will add a new Appron area, I can't record my job.
I Have the same probleme whis all the button in the same line ( add blast ...)
where is my mistake ?
A big Thank you to Jon Masterson " you need to double click ! !"
Why not just enter ?
thank you for All
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Hello every body
you can download my LFBU ADE airport now
Theire are two BGL and a zip for the texture.
I have juste a litle probleme whith the start point

Do you have an explication?
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Start points are not placed automatically. You have to position them where you want them. It would seem in this case the existing start point is for the runway of whatever version of the airport you updated.



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Having another look at your screenshot, the start point is placed properly. (I misread the strange aircraft symbol.) What is it you see as a problem?

Strangely my plane is positioned on the strange point, to fix that I needed to place the point on the runway (N°28) but the "strange point" dont whant to move
PS: If you want I can send you the ADE file,
cordially Mindstorm


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The "strange point" appears to be the ADE aircraft symbol. You move it by slewing the user aircraft in Flightsim. ADE does not reposition the aircraft.

Where does your aircraft appear when to select Rwy 28 as the initial position in Flightsim?

If we let "ignitial position" the aircraft spawn on this weird symbol, but if we select "runway 28" the plane spawn correctly, I saw on the english manuel at chapter 3.4 that this point is only a building point and not a spawn point....
I dont understand Why, when i start à New fly, my plane dont spawn at the Good point (starter runway 28) but in the grass at the position to the ADE aircraft symbol.
Thank you mindstorm


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Then the only other things I can think of is that you have another copy of a different LFBU from which Flightim is obtaining the start position - or you are not specifying startup at the Rwy 28 start point.

Yes i have
The first time whith the ignitial position
And the second whis positions 28
Can you try whith your computer?
it is possible that I make a mistake!
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for my aviation concerns I wish, when I select "piste in service", that my plane is positioned at the beginning of track. "
For the moment it is positioned in the grass.
so I created a starting point number 28 you see in the end.
Just may be to declare item as runway 28?
Hello everyone
good news, a friend found the solution!
the error was behind the keyboard! :mad:
you can now download the latest version that conforms to reality.
come and visit my beautiful region.
Good flight
Hello Suart thanks for your very good question.
don't worry, this webdav is a restricted access.
The advantage of a weddav is that you can upload your work and share it without depending on an internet site.
Thanks again for your comment and does not hesitate to give me your suggestions on LFBU
I started a website to store my project, but for the moment it starts.
good flight
Hello to all
I just put update LFBU after a visit to the site.
The access road and the coastal path are now realistic.
the LFBU.zip file is on my web site
Good flight
I'm still looking to plant grass North of the runway
Hello everyone
If you want to fly home, I just added more than 600 wind turbines in the south west of France
You can download them from my site.
To come up
LFBU home now Airbus training center.