FSX Airport not loading changes in FSX

Hi all, i'm having issues with a project i'm working on. I have made a first version of Reus (LERS) which complied fine (Eventually) and loaded in FSX with no issues in the end. I have gone back in and made several changes to the airport and compiled as I did before to the Addon Scenery folder, and removed the original ADE Generated files. FSX appears to load the new files but when I go to select the airport in FSX it the Stock FSX Airport. I've checked my Scenery Manager and other Graphics Settings but I'm at a loss. If anyone can offer me any suggestions please. Thanks !
I think we need a bit more information here, are you working from the ad4 file?
Are you doing a normal compile or a split compile to get an object bgl (2 bgl files) or an xml file
what are the original generated files you removed? does your new file not overwrite the old one?
Reus is a small airport so should compile easily, what do you mean by eventually?
try compiling to your desktop then copy this bgl file to your Addon Scenery folder
we may need to take a look at your ad4 file with your changes
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Yes I am working in a AD4 file, I have tried normal and split compiling of the Bgl files, to both the "Addon Scenery" folder and to the desktop and then moving it. I removed the previous version I had updated a few weeks ago as I changed the file name so it did not over wright. I initially had an issue getting GP lines to compile correctly which is what I was referring to by "eventually".


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Have you checked that the Addon Scenery layer in the Scenery Library is present and checked as Active?