Airport object doesn't rest on the "deck" (it hovers)

How do I change the altitude of an airport object (building) so that it rests on the ground ?
I was able to change the orientation of the buildings, and then discovered that they were
"hovering" about 2' off the ground. I have not found a way to correct this in the Edit Object
dialog box or elsewhere. Any advice or explanation will be appreciated.
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ADE175, FSX Acceleration, Win 7-64
if this building is a "Generic" building (blue) then you will not be able to adjust the altitude i'm afraid,
this is why many airports have these buildings hovering above the ground depending how the airport was flattened for stock
now if its a "Library" object building (yellow) then you will be able to adjust the altitude
When the airport is first opened in ADE 175, all of the buildings appear as light blue. If I click / select one of them then it turns yellow.
I am guessing that you are referring to the color of the building(s) before selection >> when they are light blue. So if my guess is
correct then I am out of luck as things are...... However, would it be possible to delete / remove a default building fro the airport and
create a new building in it's place that is then altitude adjustable ?
Attached is a screen cap' for illustration. There is a large light yellow building in the screen cap' that I hadn't noticed before in ADE.
When I checked it in FSX I discovered that it is the ONLY building which IS all the way down on the "deck" ~:)
Thank you for your help with this Ray.
Ken Boardman


That's correct Ken,
all those blue buildings are Generic buildings and are a fixed height of the airport, some are so bad with the hover i think it was either WMKK or WIII i could park a tug under it
the yellow building will be a library object, they will clamp to the ground and you will be able to change the altitude of them,
yes you can delete what you like, i often delete those generic (blue) buildings and replace them with stock library (yellow) objects,
I do this a lot with stock library objects when creating a terminal as we can sink them into the ground if a lower height is needed, or add one onto the roof of another


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If you want library objects (the yellow colored ones) to sit on the ground then make sure you have the altitude set to zero. ADE defines altitude of these objects relative to the ground level


It is possible to set an absolute altitude for these but it is really not necessary and you need a ProKey to do it.
Thank you for the important tips Jon. And also many thanks to Ray for getting me on the "right track". I now have six buildings at
ground level at Oranjestad / Reina Beatrix Intl, Aruba Isl. I deleted six default buildings / hangars, and replaced them with "library object"
buildings and am very happy with them >> no more "floaties", LOL!!
BTW, is there a good source of perhaps custom created library objects (especially airport buildings) somewhere? It would be
nice to have more variety of airport buildings to choose from. The "Scale" feature in the ADE dialog helped nicely to make the buildings
fit in their assigned places ~:)
Best to all,