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ADE Airport orientation changes

Tonight I flew into my first airport that has had magnetic changes applied, and updated Jepp plates compared to my actual field. LTBA now has Rwy's that have rotated by about 10* hence a change from RWY 6 to RWY 5.
Should I rotate the whole airport or just rename the runways? Does rotation affect the approaches also?

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Well no don't rotate the airport. If you think about it an airport in the real world is fixed to the ground and stays there. If the magvar changes then the airport may rename runways but physical (true) headings don't change - just magnetic ones
Thanks Jon

I thought that was the case but not sure...
So LTBA has mag var +5* real,

but in the sim LTBA shows -3.3*

, so this has confused me even more.
Should I just re-label the runways and leave it at that??

Mag Var has come up before and if i remember changing it has no effect,
Just change the runway numbers (Starts change automatically) then you need to go into "Approach Mode" then Lists/Approaches and then,
change each approach runway heading including the "Approach CF" where needed.................not forgetting to change the runway taxisigns also
if you get any red lines then the approach has not been corrected, check by going back to lists/Approaches and check the approach again......
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And Magnetic Declination has the opposite sign (+/-) of Magnetic Variation, so that makes sense. And yes, just relabel the runways if you wish, but keep in mind they will still be at their original headings. The only way to change that is to download an updated magdec.BGL file (in your FS/Scenery/BASE/scenery), which is what FS uses to determine MagVar around the world (as stated above the airport magvar does nothing).