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FSXA Airport Runway placement accuracy

I am using ADE9X to redo CYQQ. I have the latest Airport diagram from NAVCANADA loaded as a background in ADE. The runways have lengths and headings. I have added the variations and 12/30 lines up to backgrond nicely, but 18/36 is off a bit. Is the background diagram off or should I tweak the heading of the runway to make it fit?

I have ORBX Northwest installed and the runway headings and lengths are different.

What is the best way to set up the runways?

Thanks Glenn
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When I look at it both in the AD chart and Google Earth, 36 looks OK but 30 seems off?

Note that if you adjust Rwy 12/30 you will have to fix the ILS and approach data / waypoints (the glideslope is messed up regardless).

Per DAFIF from 2006 runway true heading is 135.0. If you change to that, now the localizer is also 135.0 which makes sense, and if you position the runway over the GE or DAFIF image, the glideslope is in the location where the localizer should be. All suggest that the runway in FSX is misplaced.

scott s.
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