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Airport scenery request

Is there some one who is willing to make the folowing Airports for FS9 and FSX

Banjul (The Gambia)

Boeingfields KBFI and KRNT


Eilat (Israel)

Goa (India)


Mombassa (Kenya)

Nairobi (Kenya)
Not to be mean, but I've noticed (from various forums around the internet) that you seem to request quite a bit. Gmax is a very fun tool to learn and use, and I think that you should learn to use it (and a few other tools) so that you don't have to keep making all of these requests ;)

Anyhow to answer your question, I was considering KBFI (not anytime in the near future though)
With regards to Banjul and Nairobi you may want to try


They do a very good Accra Scenery.

I have seen the Colombo scenery on Avism, and do be honest its not as good the description about is given.
@mdm248111 wel my time is verry limited to make scenery`s by myself so tahats why i request them.

@EGLL i contacted the guy of fsnabisso.com regarding a update for Banjul and the scenery`s Mombasa en Nairobi but sadly no reply from him
And for the other scenery`s they arend made yet so i hope somebody wil make them.
Again, without being mean, you may not have time but why don't you get GMax, set it all up and try and make your requested scenerys?

You will eventually see how hard it is to make scenerys and then should realise how annoying it is.

I wanted EGBG scenery, no one bothered, so I have started myself and now I love making things!

If you think you can make severel posts on severel websites requesting more than 6 scenerys to be developed for you...you got another thing coming.

No scenery developer has time.

Get GMax, FS9/X SDK, Photoshop etc and make all your lovely airports yourself.
If you check out Simmarket.com

Oriental Sim Developers have released a NBO Airport, it looks really good.
Yes,do what Darren say,get some tools and start making scenery.

It nice to do a place and at the end see the results.The help you need it right here at FSDeveloper!

Here you can download Muscat For FSX - http://sites.google.com/site/triengtriengscenery/Home/screenshots-1/downloads

I wanted the place so i made it myself and 1400 people also think it good,if you look at the downloads.


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Hello everyone!

I looking for the Marseille Provence airport LFML ! If someone is interrese by making this photorealistic scene :D

Thanks !
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