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FSXA Airports of Norway

Here's the reason I am a member here, or so to speak, that I'm here is the reason I can make this stuff properly. It started with a series of flattens many years ago, to make a few airports "landable". Now it is 33 airports, with soon 100 gmax models. The three last pics are from Skagen ENSK, with models from Norway Airports re-textured for FSX :wizard:

The airports here are: Gardermoen ENGM, Kjevik ENCN, Skagen ENSK.

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What are those yellow markings on the runway? :confused:

Congratulations on seeing your work through! May your efforts reveal more FS goodness.
The yellow markings is the way it is in Norway. They think yellow is better than white in contrast to snow. Personally I believe this is good. Pilots differ in opinions. The design problem is this: In my package there is an automated thingie making markings yellow or white...but with thanks to MS this happens to the whole world...

And I will never waste my time making gmax runways. Takes too much time, and uses FS2002 methods. I hope Flight will solve this, and I also hope for a 2D tool that can make markings, as gmax is hopeless for this task.

The yellow markings is the way it is in Norway. ... I will never waste my time making gmax runways. Takes too much time, and uses FS2002 methods. I hope Flight will solve this, and I also hope for a 2D tool that can make markings, as gmax is hopeless for this task.

Actually, if all you are doing is runway markings (not the entire runway) you don't need to use the FS2002 method. For my Svalbard/Longyear (ENSB) design I simply used FSX Planner to make the runways, but completely without markings. I then used Gmax (with FSX plug-in) to make the runway markings (in yellow) - threshhold, numbers, centerline, etc. All were simple plane objects with an alpha channel texture to make everything but the markings transparent, turn on "No Crash" in the FS Attachpoint Tool, compile to BGL and place on the runway via a scenery editor (I use the Mission Editor in FSX SDK). :)

Godt nytt år

I will consider this for shure. And all respect for those great jobs with the FS2002 gamepack, but stubborn as I am, I strictly stick to the FSX SDK. Actually I have been thinking of just making the markings, but forgot to think about I can export an ADE, AFX or FSX Planner runway without markings! I think Cloud9 did this with the Bergen scenery. Which is now soon obsolete, as soon as I am able to center the 12,5cm (!!) photo we got from the officials in Bergen city (I'm still a tad set back by this surpise) :D


There is a payware scenery for Gardermoen, but I can never stop doing my own. It is a balanced mix of good MS models, and my terminal, office & SAS hangar, plus the 20cm photoscenery.

Godt nyttår!
Bergen Airport, as it will look like spring 2012. For now, the photoscenery is 20cm, from Google. I'm the "Ground Hog", while Geir Grønlien is the master behind those great gmax models.

Back to Skagen; finished the delicate details of the tower. Need to close a certain window I guess :)

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Thanks, guys :)

Here are a few more.

Tromso airport. Only three gmax models for now, the tower, a garage, and tunnels. I may finish a new terminal...if I get decent pics. The bridge in the background is from my "Norske Broer" package, which has 21 bridges.

Hammerfest, with the Melkøya gas terminal. A challenging airport, pressed into the mountain more or less.

Latest Bergen shot.

The Bush airport, Bømoen. A real flyning challenge :D

I'm sorry to show all this, and forgetting the upload at Flightsim.com is oudated. I hope you understand I needed time to grasp it all, and needed time (plus the overwhelming feedback from you), to put the last details straight. I have just finished a "better" ENCN.

Airports of Norway is a ever lasting compromize. To many, it may look "spartan". It may look too "clean". And yes it is. I do not like models "dumbed down" in textures for example, to fit bad weather. Some may say my textures are too flashy. Yes they are. This is my decision. I'm going to let them be flashy, because that's my choice :D

At the same time, my models texures are real world, from my camera (Olympus E-3). Maybe Norwegian airports are that clean. I can prove just that, but later...

Many years ago I took the decision; why not present this package anyway, no matter stage of develompment. Upload it, no matter comments. It will never be finished...but (in theory), the new flattens alone lift it all up into a better stage. Just happens by coincidence some gmax models came with it. First from only me, now from a lot of us :)

Take your time then!

May I ask a question? I've noticed that many Norwegian airports have yellow markings on the runways. Why is that?

Now, regarding those yellow markings. We have always had this in Norway (at least in my time, others may prove me wrong). Norway is snowy. So some guys found out yellow is a good contrast to white. If I was a pilot, I would choose yellow, but I am not the guy deciding; I just follow the facts :)

Sideways: I get flashbacks to "The Hitchikers Guide Of The Universe", and Arthur Dent. He also had a certain problem with "yellow" :D

Look out for a new upload at Flightsim.com soon. Also loook out for NSX II, which is new coastlines for Norway. It is a struggle to get all this together, but the reward is huge. NSX II is made by Hans Ramberg, a member of the Swed2011 team; Erik Bjørnwall, Lennart Arvidsson. We are now all working across and upside down, to present a Scandinavia which is a Scandinavia, and not a fairytale :wizard:
Thanks Andrew!

I will download this for sure. Indeed yellow makes good contrast when the runway is covered in snow. :cool:
This is my decision. I'm going to let them be flashy, because that's my choice :D

Good for you! When it comes to freeware there is only one person who has to be happy with the work. That's the motivating factor for me, "Will I like it". If so, I might release it. And if people aren't happy with it? There's always the Recycle Bin... :D

I might be doing some "flying" around Europe next year, as part of my tinkering. I'll make sure and get a copy of the work so that I can enjoy the area even more.
EDIT I think I found the right version of your airports on FlightSim.no and I noticed there are some very good readme.txt's included, which answered all my questions below, I think... End of EDIT

EDIT 2 Hm, a lot of other readme's (for Norway Scenic X and NSXII are in Norwegian...). Is there a place where I can find information how to install it all in English? Sorry for hijacking this topic with all this... but I'd love to fly around your airports! ;) )

EDIT 3 Here I am again (already). I think I got it done, thanks to your readme (I did understand it well that I only need the original version of Norway Scenic in order to create that LC folder?) This is me landing at Haukasen:

Is it right that the airports you showed pictures off aren't included in the download yet? Like Bergen?

Original post:
Hi Andrew! I registered on this forum ONLY to find out where I can get the latest version of your great Norwegian airports AND (also quite important) where I can download everything else I need to make Norway in FSX better then it is by default...! I did find some files on FlighSim.no in the meantime but I honestly have no idea which files I need and which not... If I should aks this somewhere else, please tell me where! I've been to Norway about 14 times in the seventies and eighties and I've been longing to do some flying over there for a long time now! :)
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J Van E,

No problem!

I admit I have been a tad sloppy translating it all properly into English. Before AoN 3.1 is uploaded (soon), I will cook up a lot of coffee, and use a little more time with the readmes. I am almost scared asking you to do all that stuff I present in the readmes, but don't let this scare any of you. The reward is HUGE. I often fail myself, editing cfg's. My first step is always, to immediately delete the copy-paste work I just did, find the backup, and start anew. In 98% (guessing), I myself am the bug.

Bergen is not yet included. What you see is a decent Google rendering via SBuilder, probably 20cm data. Now I sit on 12,5cm data, but I have to do the centering myself, using resample.exe directly, because SBuilder crashes on such huge pics. I am not yet there, and will need help from this forum to center it. It is a geotiff, 30.000 x something pixels, but downsized to 5000 x 15.000 in order to not kill peoples harddisks. I did the same for Gardermoen, but right now I am lost with centering.

Also I know I need to be more present here and there (at least here, and at Flightsim.com), but its getting tuff being responsible for 33 airports and at the same time trying to get everyone happy, while at the same time I'm half the year at sea. I must be completely mad, but maybe thats why I feel at home here :D


Good to know I'm not the only one. It is a hobby, not a market, and the Maker decides :)

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