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All autogen but buildings have disappeared...?

Hey all,

This morning I loaded up the scenery I'm working on. It's a photoscenery that I've been annotating with autogen. The other day i spent a lot of time figuring out how to add lampposts using scenProc, with nice results, as well as completing the annotations by hand by adding some more buildings and row houses, and updating the trees. This morning I load up the sim and find all but my autogen buildings to be gone! No trees, lampposts or rowhouses, just the building autogen appears to remain. I have no idea what happened... Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

This appears to only be a problem in my own photoscenery. The surrounding landclass-based scenery is fine as well as other photosceneries that I have.


When experimenting with scenProc did you always create all types of autogen? If from scenProc you export for example only buildings that will remove the previous autogen present. They are all contained in the same files that are overwritten.
But if that were the case, then I would expect to only see buildings in the exported autogen files, yet I see everything there. Loading the files in scenProc also loads all ~22800 autogen objects, suggesting that they are all there, just not being displayed. I cna see all the annotations when I open the photo.bgl in the SDK's annotator, so it seems to me that the autogen is there.
If you see it all in Annotator then something else might be the problem indeed. Could it be you have too many objects causing an overload?
I was thinking of that... It just seems strange that this would overload everything but the buildings? And only on my photoscenery?

When I used scenProc I did import some annotations that were made in the Annotator first, and I see now I maybe should have implied the NOINVERSEDISTORTION option when importing. could that be related somehow?
Using scenproc I decided to import different sets of the autogen files, and found that the problem are the libray objects. If I exclude them but export the rest, all autogen shows up. not flawlessly... There are some problems with some buildings not showing up, but I rekcon I did something wrong in the annotation. Also, if i export only the library objects, nothing shows up. All of the are ag_lightpole, to line the highways etc.

The library objects, incidentally, is the only part I made with scenProc. Any idea what I might have done wrong that it would cause such an issue? Here's the code I used:

ImportOGR|C:\Users\Benjamin van Soldt\Documents\Airport Projects\Chattanooga_KCHA\KCHA_Large_GISdata.osm|-85.2319335937500;-85.1673889160156;35.0007535786425;35.0592287008888|*|AUTODETECT
# Import existing
ImportAGN|C:\Users\Benjamin van Soldt\Documents\Airport Projects\Chattanooga_KCHA\Chattanooga_KCHA\Texture
#Make doublelights on bigger road
PlacePointsAlongLine|FTYPE="LINE" AND highway="motorway"|CONTINUOUS|150;150|7;7|0|String;type|singlelight1|HDG1
PlacePointsAlongLine|FTYPE="LINE" AND highway="primary"|CONTINUOUS|150;150|7;7|0|String;type|singlelight2|HDG2
PlacePointsAlongLine|FTYPE="LINE" AND highway="secondary"|CONTINUOUS|100;100|5;5|0|String;type|singlelight3|HDG3
PlacePointsAlongLine|FTYPE="LINE" AND highway="residential"|CONTINUOUS|100;100|4;4|0|String;type|singlelight4|HDG4
PlacePointsAlongLine|FTYPE="LINE" AND highway="motorway_link"|CONTINUOUS|150;150|7;7|0|String;type|singlelight5|HDG5
ExportAGN|FSX|E:\Prepar3D Addons\Freeware Scenery\Chattanooga_KCHA\Texture
Are you sure the polygon size is OK? I thought they had a footprint of 8x8. Not sure if that's the problem though.
I checked the polygon in the AutogenEditor, and it gave me those numbers for the width and depth, so that's why I went with that... But maybe I looked at the wrong thing?
You can check the size in the default.xml file as well. Although I'm not sure if a wrong polygon size prevents things from showing, that's something I still would like to test.
I loaded the default.xml file into the Autogen Editor, so that's where the number I found came from, but you suggest to go straight into the xml file and search in it without opening it in the Autogen Editor? Also, at first I tried to find the GUID that you used in your FSDevConf video where you add autogen to Texel, but in my default.xml it appears to refer to telephone poles instead of lamp posts?
I would have to check when I'm behind my Pc again, currently typing this from my phone.

I ussually used this GUID {0017a263-464f-14fd-f77f-2996fed44864} which corresponds to the class "Urban Street Light Single 8x8" here on my system.