FS2004 Alpha Channel Transparency Problem

I recently repainted an FAIB A320 AI aircraft using FSRepaint in a 32-bit format. The original texture was 32-bit already. No problem with the graphics, but noticed the SAT domes were present and should be blacked out on the alpha. I used DXTbmp to edit the alpha channel to mask the SAT domes and saved back to my original file. In FSRepaint it looks correct, but in FS9 the domes were still there. Finally, I saved without the MIP maps and all is good. Question is, should there be a way to save with MIP maps in the 32-bit mode? I know these are used to display aircraft at varying distances and reduce memory usage. I saved them to a DXT3 format also, but the graphics on the aircraft were very blurry.


Resource contributor
I am surprised that mipmaps mattered in this case, I would have thought they shouldn't. You don't really have to worry too much about saving without mipmaps - FS will create them for you if they are not there already. Only takes a fraction of a second longer for FS to display the texture.
I didn't think so either, but the AI planes kept showing up with the large SAT domes. I checked the alpha masking a few times and all seemed to be correct. Then I read on a post somewhere about the MIPS vs No MIPs and someone said to save it without and voila. That's good to know about FS creating them. Especially after doing all the painting and it turned our pretty good. Thanks.