FSXA Alpha Channels Not Transparent Using DXTBmp As Final Texture

I have never had this happen before but for some reason my alpha channels are not transparent in sim. The materials I am using were imported from Rhino 3D where I built and textured the model. I have passed the model through GMax to rig it and apply the textures that have already been placed in Rhino. I believe the issue is because some of the materials had their own alpha maps and have carried over but I have deleted all of them so it is all just a defused map output.. Any Ideas?...
I tried a bunch of stuff early on so I really couldn't say for sure... How can I check?.. Is it as simple as clicking on the Set Default Opaque?..
If you want alpha to control transparency just make sure the Source Blend is SrcAlpha and Destination Blend is InvSrcAlpha. The 'Set Default Transparent' button is just a shortcut to that blend setting. To ignore alpha, pressing Set Default Opaque gives you One/Zero as the blend. The FSX SDK section on Materials explains all the blend modes.
Alright, that was it... A big THANK YOU!.. Now I'm wondering how I created this almost exact process two years ago without knowing this. It looks god now though. Thanks again...