FSX alpha doesn't show in fsx

Darned if I didn't forget how to do this-

Have a gate. black shows through the meshing of the fence.

Go to material editor in modelconverterx, material editor, .... From here I forgot. Do i scroll down to find the bmp and choose difuse color and check the box below- "set default transparent" or do I choose specular color, or what? Bob

Guess what! I figured this out! I don't know if this is right but it sure works great!

Open up Modelconverter and import the library you are working with.

scroll through to the object in question.

Click on material editor.

Upper left hand little window will show the parts that make up the main object. Let's say these parts are called steel, wood, fence. Well we know it is the fence that is not showing its alpha. Hilite it.

Notice now that the fence part shows up in a window just below this top right window.

Now- Just below on the right side are two circles labeled rgb and alpha.

Click on the circle that says alpha.

Now..... at the bottom click on "set default transparent"

Close material editor.

click on export and make sure it goes where you want it to. I think that means back into your library.

Now- go back into the game (modelconverte is closed now) and place your object. Viola! See-through fence. Post back here and let me know. If it work you make bow and grovel and kiss my ring! bwahahaha! Bob


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Hi Bob,

As you figured out, pressing the "Set Default Transparent" button for the material that should have the transparency is all you need to do.