P3D v2 Alpha issue in P3D V2.2

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Does anyone else happen to have alpha issues in P3D V2.2? The alpha issue seems to show its ugly face when viewed from a bit of a distance. Here are a few images comparing FSX to P3D, as you can see, the grass shows the alpha issue the most.


P3D V2.2

Extra info: They're both using the following material settings and the same MDL file.


Note: Playing with the "Alpha Test Level" does not seem to have any affect at all. I also thought that it may be some texture bleeding, but the RGB has the appropriate alpha padding to make sure. So it's definitely not that. :(

Any ideas? Hopefully it's something obvious I've missed!

This is taken right out of the P3Dv2 SDK Learning Center:

Material Functionality: Z-Bias Level

In order to improve layering materials on the ground for airport ground polygons Prepar3D has implemented a Z-Bias level material setting.

Using values between 1 and -50 you can set and order the layering of your ground polygon textures above the default airport aprons, taxiways and runways. For example your taxiway markings material would be set at -10 (shown below) and your taxiway and runway materials would be set at anything lower than -10, ie. -20, or -30. This functionality works best with "No Z write" checked and I would check "No Shadow" for flat airport ground polygons. Using Z-Bias on materials with "Z write" may have mixed results.
Not sure if it's a good idea to combine veg and ground polygons in the same material.

Here's the associated images from the SDK Learning Center

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Unticking Z-Write Alpha seemed to fix the issues for me (from what I can tell), but this resulted in a new problem in P3D V2.2 only. The grass alpha is now sorted behind the ground poly!

Using "No Z Write" and changing the "Z-Bias Level" seems to have no effect and the grass ALWAYS seems to be sorted behind the ground poly.

Any ideas?