P3D v4 ALREADY RESOLVED :-) Night textures applied - Set default transparent applied - Night textures gone....

Ah, that's me - king of chaos again....

Well, all is going fine but slowly and each week there is a nice issue again stopping my motivation.

So this time I designed some ground polys for my road lights. Two texture sheets, one for day all black and one for night with the light cone on ground. Both textures are compiled to the DXT3 format, the night texture is ended with _lm.dds.
Okay, I start the groud polygon wizard, applied the night textures and switch to the night preview mode, all my light cones appear well. But as soon as I apply default transparent, everything is gone! That is very strange.

I did a test and exported my lights without night textures from Gmax. Now the day textures got the light cone, just to find out if there is something wrong with my alpha channel. I opened the GPW, loaded my road lights mdl and set default transparent - I got nice transparent light cones immediately. Even if I switch to night preview, the transparent texture is fine, logically it shows not the night but the normal day texture..
So my textures and alpha channel are fine but they seem not to work at night.

Do I miss anything? Please help me with this mess....


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The night texture will use the day texture alpha channel (that's how FS works), so if your day texture is fully transparent that explains why everything is gone.

dave hoeffgen

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It should work with

SourceBlend = "one"
DestinationBlend = "one"
instead of default transparent
That adds the poly color to the underlying surface. In that case either a black day texture (no effect) or the lit night texture
Thank you both.
@ Dave: Tried, but that way I have the light cone also appearing at day.
@ Arno: So how will I get transparent light cone textures appear fine at night? Had a look for tutorials but this topic seems so easy that everybody dig it but me :p ....