Alternatives of saving .psd to .dds when making liveries (PMDG NGX)


When I want to save my finished work, (we're talking about a PMDG 737 800 livery) you know...nicely flattened and ready to be converted into .dds, using the Nvidia .dds plugin for Photoshop and choosing the correct DXT...thing, the end result looks so...low-quality.

I do have experience in using ImageTool that comes with the Prepar3d SDK with other addon paintkits which don't require the images to be flipped...but manually flipping them in Photoshop and then converting into .dds using ImageTool messes up the whole livery. I'm talking like the left side of the painted fuselage goes to the bottom of the fuselage once opening the sim.

If somebody knows an alternative way of saving the images into .dds, (maybe saving in .tga and then using DTXBmp to convert them into .dds will do the trick...) please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

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Simples, don't manually flip. Save your PSD as DDS (dxt1 or dxt5, depending on absence or presence of alpha data) setting the switch "Save flipped vertically".

ImageTool (make sure it's the latest version!) should work flawlessly, too, on the defaults, best via a suitable batch file.

In ConvimX, the mass DxtBmp conversion utility, you can also set a switch (but it may not work with 4096 density). In DxtBmp itself you have to flip manually.

If all else fails, include a small sample psd and we can compare notes.


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If this is for a flyable plane, don't save it in DXT format at all. Save it in 888 32-bit format. No image quality loss that way.