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an airbase simulator, who would like to help this project?

hello all. i am planning to create a large project, called AB sim (Air Base sim). many features will be available. such as:
  • Almost every aircraft and airbase from all the worlds air arms 1950-2024.
  • Mod support from a addon website.
  • Day/night cycle.
  • Choice to choose your starting year, month, date, and time.
  • An intergrated AI flight planner, so you can plan flights to anywhere around the world for the ai aircraft.
  • Onboard cameras on select aircraft, (more can be modded)
  • First Person Views for ground crew and pilots
  • QRA launches. (can be set at random or triggered by the player)
  • Radar screens so all aircraft can be found where they are flying around the virtual world.

but i really hate to sound stupid guys, im no good at coding. because this will be a standalone sim!
if anyone would like to help this project become a reality, feel free to send me a message here, and we can hopefully get started!
i need people to make the software and others to make the aircraft airfield vehicles and of course air bases.
To be honest with you, if you have no experience in coding, its best to start learning that first before taking on such a large project. That's just my advice.

Even with my modelling and coding experience, It took much longer than expected to develop a small scenery, obviously due to learning along the way many things that I didn't know. What it would take to develop a whole new stand alone simulator, just makes my brain hurt thinking about it.

My advice is like i said, dabble into coding / modelling a little and understand what it takes to actually put these together.

The concept does sound interesting.
I don't know if I understand the idea, what do you mean by an Air Base Sim? Simulation of the operation of a military air base? What would be the role of the "player"? Operate ground services? airplanes? plans, authorizations and air traffic control?

And on the other hand, when you say a "Standalone Sim" do you mean building a Sim from scratch? the game engine? the "AI" for NPC components? Interfaces? SDK for addons?
You came to MAIW with the same request, and we asked much the same questions of you - which you did not answer.

The impression I get is that you want DCS under another name, you want someone else to build it for you, and you have no budget with which to pay them. Tell me I'm wrong.
Why wouldn't you just work on producing an AI pack for P3D or MSFS? That's feasible.