An Apology


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Over the past several months I have not been able to give much attention to ADE :( This is due to a range of other projects and commitments.

Over the same time period I am aware that some folks have sent me logs and other requests which I have either dealt with rather slowly or, I suspect, in some cases failed to follow up all together.

I am clearing my diary as much as possible over the next week to ten days in the hope of catching up with ADE again.

Please accept my apologies if I have not answered your questions or failed to follow up on log reports and so on


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Jon, you have devoted (perhaps tens of) thousands of hours of time and effort to creating ADE and other tools for the benefit of the flightsimming community. I don't think any apology is necessary for taking some time off occasionally to attend to your personal priorities.



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Real life should always take precedence over FS pursuits. And if you decide that another FS project is more important than ADE at the moment, that is your decision and I will honor that too. :)

But the fact that you posted this message proves to me that you are a considerate and generous person. Thanks so much.
Family, friends, health, sanity and (alas) even work must come first

If you never made another improvement, this is a great tool as it is today

If you consider your support the past few months lacking, the rest of the world is in REAL TROUBLE

Thanks so much for all that you do for us

I can't see that you have anything to apologize for - I'm in total agreement with all the comments above. I'm sure a lot of the support that you're often asked to provide here could well be (and is) fielded by many on this forum but your amazing diligence in engaging in helping users is obvious to all and greatly appreciated.

I think it's OK you take a few minutes here and there to do odd jobs and chores around the house. Now when do we get ADE v2? ;):rotfl:

Take care,


As a former C# & VB.Net developer (who got burned out and now does online tech support), I can say Thank You! from the bottom of my heart for all the work you've done, and all of your contributions to the FS community. I've struck out on a new project, to update as many FSX airports as I can - and I couldn't possibly do it without your software. Thanks to you, and the documentation and forum replies you've made, I've been able to learn in a fortnight how to completely update the runways and approaches for all of my favorite airports.

I said all of that to say this: No apology is warranted. Instead, let me apologize for keeping you so busy helping this small community keep flying the digital skies!

Thank you and take good care of yourself,