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FSX An issue with water polygons/islands




I am in the process of creating a bunch of islands using ADE (one of which will have a runway) but I've run into a problem. I've attached my ADE project file. Here's the issue:

- I've created two small water exclusion polygons to remove two of the water tiles in FSX. This works fine.
- I've then created a bunch of custom water polygons with holes to represent my islands. I put shorelines round them too. When I compile and load the scenery in FSX, some of the islands show up while others are covered by water. Here's an overview of my ADE project:


...and here's how it looks in FSX (bottom to top):



as you can see, only the lower 4 islands actually work, while the others are all covered with ocean. I can't figure it out because the islands that do work are split across two different polygons, and one of the polygons contains two working islands and one that doesn't work.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could explain what's going on? If you decide to download and compile the ADE file, then the resulting airport location should appear as 'VRMO' in the FSX list.

Thanks for the help :)


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Resource contributor
Only thing I can think of offhand is that you've crossed some sort of boundary. Try putting land polygons into those empty islands?


I tried putting some landclass polygons there and it made no difference. I can't figure it out!


OK, so I tried removing a polygon to see what happens. If I remove the central large water polygon, like so:


...then this is the result I get:



A few things happen: the water polygon disappears as expected but the single island at the top now does appear. The polygon underneath has the same problem where two islands appear but one does not, and you can also see that there's a thin line of water cutting across the land. This is also there if I remove all my water polygons and just stick with the exclusion polygons only. Never seen this before.

Does this help with identifying the issue? Thanks :)
Having just recently placed over 10,000 islands for my current project, I didn't have a single issue like you are encountering.

I did have problems in the past, but these were caused by using the wrong tool for the job. Like you, I had been using ADE which is better suited for airport creation. Switching to SBuilderX solved all these problems.


Hi, thanks for the reply. As it turns out I fixed the problem by splitting the polygons into smaller sub-polygons with a maximum of 2 islands per section. It seems that once the polygons exceed a certain number of vertices, these issues start to sporadically appear. Thanks for the tip on SBuilderX - I've tried messing with it before but I found that I prefer ADE for the work I'm doing. My project is to create an airport which is absent by default and to add the surrounding islands within a certain radius. As such the islands are actually a relatively minor addition to the overall thing, it's just nice to have them there!

Thanks for the help again!

Glad to hear you got your problem fixed! :)

I understand your position on choice of tools; I still use Traffic Tools v2.02 (Ttools) to program all my AI traffic and then convert to FSX format. It's great that we have such a plethora of great tools for development.