An old Problem, but unresolved @last ... texture reload ...

Hello Community,

one of the most nerves problem since FS2002 is the texture blurry, and slow reloading time of textures.

I'm at the end with my knowledge, and didn't found something really effectively to resolve this problem.

So i want to try find some - professional - help here.

My hardware configuration:
P4D 930 3000+
Asus P5 SLI with nvorce4 chipset
4x 512 Infinoeon 4-4-4-12
2 Evga nvidia 7800GT SLI
1 WD1500 Raptor, 160gig, 4ms, 10k rpm, 16mb cache
Creative X-fi platinum
*latest drivers*

My software configuration:
A clean Windows XP SP2, with only few add. software (just a platform for fs9 only)
FS2004 on partition D (only), O&O defraged
several addons like:
Fsgenesis mesh, Ultimate terrain, Flight/Ground environment, Aircrafts (Carenado, F1, ...), Scenery (Airports, Photo scenery like VFRFrance Paris), Traffic2005/Justflight (traffic set to 50-75%), FSRealtime 1.8, and ASv6.
I set all details to max. @1280x1024, 4-8x AA, 8-16x AF
The max range of sight i set to 80nm (inc. clouds)
Texture Bandwith in fs9.cfg is set to 400.

When i chose a slow aircraft, like a Cessna, it works better than a fast aircraft, sure. But the blurry, and the slowly reload rate of textures on the ground is to hold not out. I can reduce AA, and AF, and the Mip Map lever to 4, but the problem thereby one does not solve.

Although i reach framerates up to 50fps. and the sim doesn't stutter or so (with 8x AA & 16x AF, too), the texture reload rate is bad - ever!

The harddrive is the fastest IDE drive at present on marked and maintenanced well. Daliy defraged (complete/name), and sometimes i use SystemboosterXP, too.

My Questions:
Where is a bolltle neck?
Whish of the described addons is a really performance killer (related to texture reload)?
How can i resolve the problem, what can i do to improve the performance of fs9?
Can the fs9 to be forced to load textures first, and handle all other tasks as second?
Why occour this problem, what happen in fs9?
Is it advisable to remove all mips from the bmp file (e.g. batch file with imagetool) to improve performance?
Or should i just downgrade the bmps quality and lost quality?
Which role play the paging file on fs9 (i use 512mb)?
And is it better to start fs9 in a higher cpu priority mode?
Check or adjust hardware/bios/driver settings?
Any other ideas?

On the screenshoots you really can see this problem. More than 30fps, and the reload time from the textures are so long, that i leave the sector behind me when it loaded. Or i press p for pause, and birdview, than the textures will reload on demand - for this moment ...

Please, to avoid a massive endless post, don't answer on this topic if you have no really solution or meaningfully questions to state. For quick question, just PM or email me, and i'll revide this post.

Maybe here can develop a really faq for this problem to everyone.

And here a comment to the aces studios / microsoft:
Please, make the FSX without those stupid errors. Make a efficent platform for user and developer. Develop and provide servide packs for FSX, and don't stop developement till the next flightsim relase! FSX will not be perfect, like fs2000, fs2002, and at least fs2004 was perfect. Don't sell us a beta version for the next 2-3 years. Keep it up to date, i don't speak from "content patches", i mean still bugfixes and improvement fixes.
Please think on it, X-Plane is not sleeping, and it will not take a long time until it just as many addons gives as now for the fs2004 already.