FSXA and P3D fx_vclight display on exterior models

Perhaps an effects issue - but I couldn´t solve it. On my Soloy model I have 3D Lights, all are working great, except of vclight. I tried it out to made fx_vclight working like 3D lights, but with no success. What should I do, trying to do it in models or with effects?



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I've never tried to solve a problem like this, but one solution might be to create a "sealed box" between the roof and the sides of the cabin. That is, it should be all one object and the vertices welded. Might work?

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Thanks Tom, sorry I have to work with my languages. My issue is only with fx_vclight. But thank you very much for answering. Your are right, you got my issue.

I tried out a "cabin light cage" with fully transparent materials - with no success. Anyway, this could be a good solution - but I got troubles with displaying lighted cabin interior in exterior model (they are not lighting so much). If I have more time, I am quite sure to come again with it.

Okay, what I did is similar from the effects side, but has also some issues. First, I create a less brighter lighting effect, called it fx_vclight_tr, controlled by the default fx_2.bmp. Set the coordinates higher in aircraft.cfg than before. And voila:

Much better. The cabin is not dark like on picture. VC is looking great now. Anyway - there it seems there are big problems around with night lighting.
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