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MSFS Animated Flags for you


Dear guys,
as gift to all the help i got from you over the years, i'm pleased to share to whom is interested my animated flags (4 animation according to wind speed and wind direction)

to use them, place the files in PackageSources\Simobjects\misc

in your
Packagedefinitions\yourfiledefinition.xml file add the code below

<AssetGroup Name="mamu_flag_1">


you can add up to four different flags, of course you can edit the png with your favourite image

included is also the "art" .max source file if you need further modification (of course you have to go through the babylon exporter). I have not access to 3ds anymore (trial period expired) therefore I'm not able to help if you have any sort of problems

Hope you enjoy!


  • mamu_flags_source.zip
    4.8 MB · Views: 167
that"s Is really to much, He made the World in Seven days, It took me a month to achive that result
I strongly advice you to check the work from another user on this board, you can download It from the following link

Inviato dal mio Mi 9 Lite utilizzando Tapatalk
Thanks for your hard work on this, mamu, and thanks for the plug for my library. I know what it took for you to make your flags, and I feel your pain.
It's possible for you share your Blender file for that? I pay a dinner for you :) If not, i'll understand your reason
Honestly, the Blender file won't save you any work. Just exporting again from Blender will just give you the same thing you would get by using my library. If you want to change the flag model in Blender, then you have to do all the work of creating new animations from scratch anyway. For each of the six flag sizes included in my library, I literally started with an empty Blender file. If you want to make your own, there are detailed instructions included in the library to get you started. If all you want to do is use the same flag model that is already in the library, but with different artwork, I included a script in the library that you can use to "repaint" the flags with your own artwork. No need to use Blender at all for that.