Animating platforms

Hello, here's a question about Gmax animation: I'd like to create a moving aircraft elevator for my aircraft carrier, so I modelled the elevator, cloned and applied to the clone a platform attribute, then i linked the platform to the elevator object and animated the elevator. When I test the scenery in FS the elevator moves correctly up and down but the aircraft remains at the same level of the bridge. I was wondering if platform objects can be animated or not, or if there is a specific procedure to produce that kind of effect.
I've attached a couple of screenshots to make thinks clearer.

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HI Enzo.

I dont think it is possible for you to create an animated elevator with a hard surface.

The hardsurface code is to a set elevation in the BGL to i assume the whole deck area for the carrier.

You would need to create a hard surface for the elevator wich would work at its lower level but once you start to rise, the hard surface would remain at the same altitude as it wont follow the animation. I dont think there is any way to animate a hard surface yet in FS.

rgds Jeff
Well, thanks for the advice Jeff, at this point i'll skip the animation process of the elevators. The worse part of this story is that I finally managed to move the elevators tuning the NAV1 frequency...wasted time :(
Thanks again anyway ;)