FSXA Animation Rendering in FSX is not consistent with Blender


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Hello fellow developers!

I am stuck with an issue with my Blender pelicandrome (airtanker refillstation) project, and I am reaching out to you in order to understand what I am doing wrong.
I posted about it in the Blender subsection , but in spite of the help given we haven't been able to nail the cause of it so far. That is why I am opening a thread in this broader section.

So. The model falls dow into several, independent submodels : the firefighter in charge of opening and closing the valve, the firefighter in charge of moving the hose and connecting it to the airtanker, the guide, the hose, the hose filtering equipment, the trolley, and so on. This is required for the skinned meshes (hose, firefighters) to work.
In order to allow the correct positioning of the hose in relation to the airplane, all submodels translate from Y= -15 (in KF0) to Y = 0 (KF15) to Y = +15 (KF30). These 3 KF are the only ones that are keyed. The interpolation mode is set to all KF as "Linear".

Playing the KF between 0 and 30 in Blender is fine : all submodels translate nicely together at the same pace.


I just can't get the same translation in FSXA (as proven by the pictures below) : the hose runs away between KF0 and KF15, then lags behind between KF15 and KF30.

(The shape of the hose has no impact on its positioning in relation to the filtering equipment, since I tested it with all Lvars changing to match Blender rendering).

I am struggling to find out what is causing this discrepency, so if you think of a possible fix, please share so that I can test it.

Thank you anyway!