FSXA Another Case Of Removing Autogen Buildings

Hi Guys!

Recently I visited FJDG Diego Garcia AB after having installed this free scenery: the scenery is not that bad at all, having photoreal + autogen terrain, an aircraft carrier at anchor and some other nice objects around, but I noticed some default buildings on the runaway and on the aprons.

These do not appear in ADE either in the Original Default Airport or in the Addon Scenery, and so even adding Exclusions did change nothing:

These buildings are actually NOT part of the Default Airport / Stock Data as I did check by loading FJDG, but continue to show up in the Airport area:

As you can cross check in ADE these buildings are actually positioned outside of the default aprons and runaway, but the addon scenery has these aligned to the aerial photos making them stuck in the wrong places, particularly for the building in the middle of the runaway!

Besides placing exclusion rectangles and drawing Exclusions Polys / Airport Background, I even removed the default BGLs (APX67340.bgl) and associated files from the main FSX scenery folder, but still I wasn't able to solve this problem, and so I'm at a loss.

It would be very helpful to understand where they come from: eventually I also have another couple of airports with this same problems: I suspect these addons may not be fully compliant with FSXA, and probably a conversion from FS9 scenery to FSX.

I'd really appreciate if someone can point to an effective way to solve this puzzle!
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One of the main problems is that they haven't excluded the default shoreline:

But I don't see any misplaced default buildings.

Do you have another add-on for this area?
The mystery is thickening...
Are you using FSXA?
What Autogen set are you using (mine is set at AUTOGEN_DENSITY=3: Dense while the Scenery Complexity is set at Extremely Dense)?

There is absolutely no other addon for the area, and as I wrote even moving out the default BGLs for the airport would not make the buildings go. Definitely these buildings are present in the Default scenery as well, but the Apron and Runaway are positioned differently, as I wrote.

I did not notice the coastal error, though; I will check it out.

Thanks for checking it.
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Oddly enough I don't have the problem with the coastal lines...

Ah yes, have you removed from the scenery folder the default cvx as suggested in the readme?
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Ah yes, have you removed from the scenery folder the default cvx as suggested in the readme?
There was no readme and even if there were I would never remove a default file. It is very easy to add an exclusion polygon to remove the default coastlines and flatten.
Updated link in First Message


I corrected the first link to the scenery: I thought it was the same I did actually installed, but since GHD you're writing there actually wasn't any readme file, I checked my archive and found it was made by Tiberius Kowalski, and not by Thomas Kant as I thought.

Apologies GHD!

In any case the Kowalski's readme states

3) got to [Microsoft Flight Simulator X] ---> [Scenery] ---> [0804] ---> [Scenery]

and move file "cvx6734.bgl" to your [DIEGO_GARCIA] folder. You have to move it, not copy it, it has to disappear from that folder because

that's the default waterpoly for this region and we don't need this waterpoly for this scenery.
804 scenery folder contains only a few files while APX67340.bgl include just FJDG.
I downloaded from Flightsim and removed cvx6734 temporarily. Obviously this removed the shorelines.

However, your ADE shows parking spots, there is no parking in the download:

Hello George,
thanks again for your patience: yes, in my attempt to eliminate the building from the runaway after designing exclusions etc. I added parking spots, hangars and a few objects too, besides changing the apron and runaway material to coral...

Do you have them buildings now?