Another coastal problem


Resource contributor
Hi everyone!

I´m still having problems with my coast, however this time it is the standard FS2004 scenery that is "making a mess". The picture below is created by LWMviewer, and shows parts of my scenery (the "land part"), along with the default FS coastlines (yellow lines).
My problem lies in getting the islands to display. I´ve come to the conclusion that the light grey areas (color as in the bottom of the pic) in the picture is the main area of interest - my landfill do not display correctly over those areas, only the coastlines. Note that my "sea" is not visible here, a large watermask covers the area (LWM, watermask, meshclinging). If I add landclass to a LOD13 cell the polygon does not mask either. Do I need to create 2 separate LWM-polys surrounding each island, as the SBuilder tutorial ("how to make an island") says?

My main question here is how I should fill the light-gray areas to enable my islands to show up. :confused: