Another scenery goes over mine

Hi everyone,

I build some sceneries with ADE & Sketchup + MCX. Today I realized that when I use an other add-on (France VFR photoreal, for exemple), objects of this scenery stand over my objects. Mesh are also modified according this other scenery, even if I flatten the terrrain in ADE.

The autogen suppression works great but not when another scenery is activated under mine. I also tried the "Exclude General - Everything" option on ADE, but it doesn't works.

Priority is 1 in the scenery library, so I really have no idea of what to do. Is there any solution to "disable" all sceneries under mine, according to area priorities ? Thank you !

scenery sup.JPG
If these objects are .agn files only:
The .agn files of the other scenery should be in their texture folder, I suppose? So either delete these agn files or
use the annotator and load the photoreal.bgl of the other scenery. You will see the buildings and vegetation.
In there, delete the buildings you do not want and compile again.
Yes, they are in the texture folder.

The problem is that it's hard to find the right BGL or .AGN concerned. This photorealistic scene contains about 400 .bgl and 16000 .agn files

The BGLComp placement XML Exclusion Rectangle method can not be used to 'Suppress' (aka "Exclude") Autogen annotations for custom land class textures from underlying scenery Area layers in the FS Scenery Library GUI.

Instead, to "Exclude" Autogen annotations for custom land class (which applies to photo-real imagery BGLs) one must use a CVX vector Airport Boundary Polygon (aka "ABP") with the "ExcludeAutogen" attribute, which IIRC, applies to Autogen objects used on both default and custom land class textures. :pushpin:

If you are having issues with ADE not being able to create a ABP with a "Flatten" attribute, other factors must be explored.

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