P3D v4 [Answered]Get Sim-Time


maybe I'm just blind but I haven't found a SimConnect-Call to get the current Sim-Time (UTC) I know that there are Simulation Varibales that will return the UTC-Time and the date but how do I use them in my C# App? Accessing the AI parameters and the Airport FacilityList is already working.

I need the time directly from the sim to use it in my application. The default traffic toolbox is somehow able to display the UTC time, that's the only thing I need.
Surely there are C# examples in the SDK for retrieving simulation variables...
the time ist listed as a "Environment Variables", I know how i can access with the SDK the "simulation variables" of an SimObject, question is still can I use the same function to access ev's? Since the Methode of the API requiers the ObjectID
ok never mind: "Environment Variables" can also accessed using a SimObject - I have thought that they had an extra method for that :)