FS2004 Any batch way of replacing airports?

OK, I have a lot of WOAI and selfmade AI traffic files. But now I have 2 airports that I want to replace: Quito (SEQU-->SEQM) and Hong Kong (obviously, I want to move everything to Kai Tak and close Chek Lap Kok). Is it there any way of batch merging all the traffic files (around 358) and so having to do the airport replacement twice (one for Quito, one for Hong Kong)? I saw AIFP, but it only allows to merge the flight plans file by file, or replacing airports file by file...


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You can use AITM to do this. Note that you need to have all files decompiled and all aircraft.txt files must start at AC#1 for this to work properly.

1. In AITM create a Project containing all 358 individual traffic text files. Save it.
2. Use the Merge button to combine all traffic files into a single file. What you type into the Merge box will be appended to the word Traffic (i.e. if you type in _Total the file names will be Aircraft_Total.txt, Airports_Total.txt, and Flightplans_Total.txt). They will be saved into the same folder as your saved project file location.
3. Open the flightplan you just made into AITM.
4. Now go to the Move tab and right click one of the checkboxes - choose Select All.
5. Type the ICAO code of an airport you want to change into the box at the bottom left, and the new ICAO code into the box at the bottom right.
6. Click the Move button.
7. Save the file.
8. Compile with AITM or TTools.

If you want to keep the files separate, a relatively fast (but much more tedious) way is to Open the combined file created above into AITM, click the Timetable tab, type in the ICAO code you want to change, and then click Show. This will give you a list of all airlines serving this airport. Then you can either load each of those airline's flight plans into AITM and use the Move tab to change those airports, or open the individual flightplan files in Wordpad and use Find and Replace for each airport change. Use Replace All. Wordpad is much faster than Notepad.

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I assume that those airports are not in all 358 flight plans. You can use AI Flight Planner to search those 358 BGL files for the presence of an airport, and then you'll know which ones you need to process.

AIFP - choose Bulk Traffic/Check if Airport Used in Traffic Files

If you have all 358 files in the same folder, just put a check next to that folder name and AIFP will search all of those files for that airport.


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Well, this looks better. 100 flight plans fly to SEQU and/or VHHH. May take still long, but at least not as long as I feared...

Thank you very much.