Anyone seen this happen before?

I have coded a refuel/repair block and saved it at this airport. (The same xml code I have been using elsewhere with no flaws).

One member of our club has reported this view of the fuel blocks. Gotta be a hardware issue, right?



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Nope, that´s just the bounding-boxes made visible. In your FS9.cfg remove/edit the line ShowTriggers=1 (in the SCENERY section) to ShowTriggers=0. Then they will disappear.

Remote linking??

Hi Maceo:

A question. how do you make your image appear on this forum?, if it is this:

<img>url where the image is</img>

(I did this an get a message "Remote Image linking not allowed") :banghead:

, then where can you get a site that allows remote linking?

Hi Carlos...the image is hosted on my club website and I clicked the small box above the message entry box that looks like a postcard. The Explorer User Prompt window comes up that you enter your url into. Click OK.

That's it. Unless Arno has changed the settings and doesnt allow images any longer.


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Linking images is always allowed. If hotlinking is not allowed that depends on the host of your images, not on my forum :).

But you can also attach your images directly to your post if you do not have a host. They will not show inline in your text then, but as attachments at the bottom of your post. You can upload files using the Manage Attachments button when you post.
Hi Carlos....

I was hoping to see that image in your last post :eek:

I'm pretty sure that the particular error you and I got tring to view that image link was in fact from your host as Arno already indicated. You might want to look into or

Thank you friends. I know this picture shouldn´t be in this thread, sorry Arno, but I want you to show´s huge, isn´t it?. :eek:

Thank you Tachyon for directing me to the website, it´s great. :wave:




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Nice teapot :).

I think you can also use DXT1 for this texture. DXT3 is only needed when you need an alpha channel that has more than one bit (so different levels of transparancy).