Anything from E3?

Interesting older interview about their new sims here...

I can see this going both ways. If it's just walking, a walk through the Andes could be very boring on a 19" monitor, but an explorable Macha Picchu ruins could be a dream come true. I wouldn't mind seeing a walking tour of different cities like London or New York or San Francisco. If they don't put out at least some kind of Flight SIm, I know a lot of people who are going to get pissed off very quickly.
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I did hear from a bud of mine who works at MGS that there is a small...but growing team in their FS dept so it appears they may be ramping up to contract another company to develop the next sim. We'll see.


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walk around in fsx.acc

i already have a walk around of the fs figure, but the sound of footsteps,and dust raised by walking wont walk on water.crash,plash....model a door opening.walk around inside the terminal...
walk to your awaiting view...jim