AP Vertical Speed Adjust and Hold

Hey guys,

Yep, its time for that cycle in the FS Dev universe when Bill crawls out of his grueling build hanger and plays 10,000 Questions!!!!!!!

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I am making an AP otherwise known as Otto. Otto has a VS button (french pronounciation; boooo-toh'n with an almost silent 'n' sound, nasily).

So, Otto has this VS button and it should hold the craft at a climb rate. Nope... I activate Otto, activate VS, and the craft continues along. I adjust VS knob INCR and DECR to no effect.

What I need for Monsieur Otto to do is climb or dive per the VS Inc / Dec adjustments. Also, I found 'no' EventID tags that specified the AP VS to be 'active'. Only 'on', 'off' and generic AP_ATT_HOLD, which cycles on and off.

I wonder what I am doing wrong? Is there another way that isnt in the FS2004 SDK?

	<!-- ====== ATTITUDE HOLD LOCK ====== -->

      <Area Left="731" Top="147" Right="800" Bottom="196">
       <Tooltip>Autopilot Pitch Hold</Tooltip>
         <Cursor Type="Hand"/>
         <Click Event="AP_ATT_HOLD"/>

	<!-- ====== ADJUST VS ====== -->

      <Area Left="920" Top="111" Right="999" Bottom="212">
         <Tooltip>VS ADJUST UP</Tooltip>
            <Click Event="AP_VS_VAR_INC" Repeat="Yes"/>
            <Cursor Type="UpArrow"/>
     <Area Left="809" Top="111" Right="872" Bottom="212">
         <Tooltip>VS ADJUST DOWN</Tooltip>
            <Click Event="AP_VS_VAR_DEC" Repeat="Yes"/>
            <Cursor Type="DownArrow"/>


FSX (you asked FS2004) has

AUTOPILOT_VERTICAL_HOLD Float Specifies vertical hold.
AUTOPILOT_VERTICAL_HOLD_VAR Float Specifies vertical speed hold var, in appropriate units.