P3D v3 Arrival & departure times in Zulu rather than local

After years of creating and editing flight plans with AIFP, I managed to do something that has baffled me for about a week. I created a flight plan for Orca Airways that has only 3 aircraft, 4 airports and 3 schedules. Everything looks good in AIFP but within P3d3, the flight plan displays arrivals and departures in Zulu time rather than local time.

The only odd thing about the flight plan is a change to one airport. The airport is Long Beach, BC (CYAZ) which in the stock sim is called Tofino. I did use ADE to create a new version of the airport with the correct name (with an associated ALT BGL file). I tried a bit of troubleshooting including switching the flight plan type from weekly to 24 hour, but that had no effect. The airport is listed as Tofino in AIFP. The other airports are Vancouver, Victoria and Qualicum Beach.

This was done with the most recent developmental version of AIFP. As a check, I created a few other small flight plans using stock airports and they don't show this time shift issue. I doubt that this is a bug in AIFP but rather some type of user error on my end. It's as if the flight plan contains an airport with no time zone and the sim just assumes GMT for the entire flight plan.


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Jay, AIFP does not control display mode of times in Flightsim. That is controlled from within Flightsim itself - from the date & time menu.

The Orca Airways aircraft were arriving 8 hours later local time than what the flight plan specified. Anyway, I fixed what was wrong, which was of course due to user error.. I originally had entered Qualicum Beach as CXQU when I first was editing the flight plan and added it to the AIFP list of airports. Then I realized that in the sim that the airport is referenced by its old ICAO code, CAT4. I ended up deleting the CXQU entry in airports txt file and AirportList-Updates.dat, but I must have messed something up and ended up with a corrupt flight plan BGL file. The solution was to start over from the beginning in AIFP (with the airports dat files from the installer) with a new flight plan, which works fine.