P3D v4 Asoft Huey_X: How to adjust contact points (skids)

Hi everybody,

I wonder if I run a chance to adjust the contact points of my AS Huey to let the helicopter lower its tail a bit (no 2). On the shot you also can see that the skids are not completely aligned to the horizontal direction (backside a little more up than the front side no 1).
In comparison to some pics of the Huey, the real heli tail seems indeed to be inclined a little more downwards:


Original helicopter:

I would like to know if someone can give me a hint which parameter I have to adjust for this inside the aircraft.cfg and if this is possible generally?


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The section is clearly marked as [contact points] in the config. Could you post it here and we’ll have a squint, since I don’t have the heli?
Thank you! Of course, here is the section:

Too many numbers to me, too less knowing a thing about it....:cool:


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Okay, the adjustments need done to values in the set marked //Landing skids.

Points 0 and 1 are type 2 (first number in each line) so they’re Scrape points - the front tips of each skid. Nothing to do here.

Points 2 and 3 are type 3 so these are Skid points and are the points the heli settles on when landed. Same goes for points 4 and 5

The list of numbers starts with contact point type, then longtitudinal position (front/back), lateral position (left/right), vertical position (up/down) and the rest you needn’t worry about here. Points 2 and 3 have a longtitudinal value of 6.70 feet and points 4 and 5 have a longtitudinal value of -2.40 feet, so points 4 and 5 are the rear skid points. and are 9.1 feet back from the front ones.

For points 4 and 5 you want to raise the vertical position value a whisker. This is -7.21 for both of these rear skid points, so start by raising the value to -7.10 (about 1.3 inches) and see how that goes. It won’t take a lot of adjustment.

Hope this helps.
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Fantastic - thanks a lot! Will do some experiments with this this evening.
Those were too many hieroglyphs to me....
Not a big step for mankind, but for me it's a small step closer to reality...(although I may be the only one who is interested in :cool:...)

Thank you, Tom. I could adjust the issue by small steps, now only about 2 inches (more will not work unfortunately because now the skids height is designed into the model...). I am satisfied nevertheless.