ATC Voicepack and otherwise

I heard it somewhere that ACES believed that online ATC was the future and that the canned ATC in the game is a deadend idea. I'd like to put in my vote that the need for the AI ATC is NOT DEAD.

Years of watching SATCO/VATSIM have brought a few conclusions:

1) online ATC with other humans is superior in many ways and a very awesome experience

2) having full coverage with online ATC where all procedures are professional and there is ATC anywhere you want to go will likely NEVER happen

3) in the absence of real ATC, the AI ATC system has served us well and should/can continue to do so.

Seeing ATC portion of the SDK disappear in FSX was a step backwards and I hope to see its return in the next version. Let's face it, the AI ATC system is a good stand-in when online coverage is lacking. With the AI ATC system, I can go anywhere I'd like to, anytime and get very reasonable ATC services. Additionally, the AI traffic enhances the experience.

In fact, all we really need is to give the AI ATC an ability to follow established routes.

I agree.

I think it should be tweaked a bit more so that is a bit smarter and more agressive (i.e. Massive queues at the holdpoint because the AI controller doesnt give a 'line up and wait behind the XXXXX on finals' and there is a queue of aircraft on approach but with space for take offs in between)
Keep ATC

I totally agree that AI ATC is a must. Unless additional carrier codes and names can be introduced into an online system then we will all get frustrated with our virtual airlines and local operators.
The criticisms made above are all valid. I would prefer European procedures and phraseology to be an option. I have used the excellent Voicepack utility to enhance my ATC, although at times it and FSX don't seem to marry up!

I suppose though that as the FSX 11 incarnation is to be a totally re-engineered beast, then it will be some time until a sufficient variety of add-on aircraft becomes available, so the use of an extensive ATC may well be a moot point.

In my mind (plenty of room) the upgrade to FSX SP2 and DX10 specification has scared off many developers and there seems fewer new FSX compliant offerings available. Adding in the learning curve, the changeability of Microsoft technology and the inevitable delay in releasing the new code the ATC 'issues' must be far away:rolleyes: