FSXA Autogen and PR matching


I have a PR scenery of France which was split in to 9 volumes. It was not organised in regions, but just in geographically arranged horizontal rows starting from the south. The reason I split it in to volumes was that I read somewhere a long time ago that it would be better performance wise to split large areas of PR in to separate volumes or scenery folder locations. This was working well until I started trying to add some freeware autogen for France.

I came across a lot of freeware VFR sceneries and autogen at a few different websites, but a lot has come from F-BMPL.


This site has all the different sceneries and autogen divided in to regions. For some reason I was under the impression that I could leave my PR in it's separate volumes and add the autogen to any texture folders in these locations, and it would appear where it was designed to on top of the PR. I have discovered however, that it does not work this way. As a result I have had to combine all the PR tiles in to one scenery folder and add all the autogen files in the corresponding texture file. Unfortunately this means that with ADEX files the scenery folder has 2877 files and the texture folder with the autogen of just over half of France already has 203,782 files.

I just have a few questions.

Is there a better way I can organise these files so I can have the PR for the whole country divided in to volumes again. For example, can I somehow split the autogen up in to the order my original 9 volumes were split by using the autogen numbering system? Does the autogen numbering/naming system contain any geographical info?

If I leave it the way it is, with all these files in one scenery and one texture folder, will that really affect performance adversely?

I would appreciate any advice or input. Thanks,

Yes, good to not load PR if you are not flying in that area so your idea of breaking your PR into regions is a sound approach. I think I understand what your issue is. It would be difficult to divide the autogen precisely to match to each PR region you have created since they come from different sources. It can be done but would take a lot of trial and error I would assume.

What I would do is make a copy of the autogen and place each copy into each PR region's texture folder. Yes, a lot of duplication but the files I assume are small. That way no matter what region you have activated you will have matching agn. If you activate more than one region whichever region has the highest priority will display it's agn. And if I remember correctly, agn that falls outside the border of the PR scenery will not show. You'll have to test.

Just a thought...

It's simple enough to find the autogen which belongs to a photo -- just load the photo into Annotator, and then save without modifications. Now you can sort the autogen files by Date Modified, and select all the files just saved, cut and paste into their own folder.