Autogen Annotator Error

Iam getting a MSXML Error in my Library info box. I cannot add any polys becuase it will give me the set GUID error. But I cannot set the Guid becuase there is nothing in the Library, just the MSXML Error! .

I installed SDK1 then updated it to the SDK 2.0 update.
Ok I did that and it worked now I have a new problem. When I try to open the default.xml in the editor it gives me a error.

"AceXML Parser Error : 'AUTOGEN' - line 2,co 0. HRESULT = 0x83600fb7 "

I cant set the Guid or open any of the .xml files


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I would have to check the SDK documentation, it is described in there, but I think you are not supposed to open the default.xml file in the editor.