Autogen buildings Custom Roof textures

I am trying to create my own roof textures but I am having trouble appearing in P3Dv4.5 or P3Dv5. From all the search and attempts I did below is my workflow and roof_description / materials edits. If someone can point me to the mistake I am doing.

1) I create a rectangle and texture it, then export through model converter X to a P3D v4.4 mdl file.
2) I then create a bgl with the model using library creator X and place the bgl and texture in my scenery's scenery and texture folder respectively.
3) In roofdescriptions I add the following:

<RoofEntry id="{566f514f-7071-4770-bcba-c070f9a3e15f}"> <------ a unique GUID that I call in scenproc
<FriendlyName>My Roof 01</FriendlyName>
<ModelGuid>{23588bb0-94e9-415f-bf8c-f2c9ce684578}</ModelGuid> <----------- GUID of my model as given by library creator X
<MaterialOverride>{5c360e5f-7991-4a41-a5a4-dc3ca1f69dac}</MaterialOverride> <----------- Unique GUID that I link materials edits

4) In materials I add the following:

<Material id="{0c82a871-fdcb-4087-a709-990db6febeec}">
<FriendlyName>My Roof</FriendlyName>
<Regionalization id="{f4801895-0182-400e-b46e-d11fd040b466}">
<FriendlyName>My Roof Rgn Materials</FriendlyName>
<MaterialSet id="{b8f2191a-4b50-4857-b55f-4966e5e418e7}">
<FriendlyName>My Roof</FriendlyName>
<Regionalization id="{5c360e5f-7991-4a41-a5a4-dc3ca1f69dac}">
<FriendlyName>My Roof Rgn</FriendlyName>

I also copy to main P3D/Texture folder.

In the sim roofs are completely missing. If in roofdescriptions I add a default GUID in materialoverride, the default texture appears ok. So I guess the mistake is in materials file?

Thanks in advance,
Or even a brief workflow still will help me go through the workflow vs my steps and identify the mistake.