Autogen doesn't show up around my airport

Hi I now downloaded the Autogen Object Creator program but still nothing shows up around my airport.

I tried first with SDK and now with AOC so I can realize there's some kinda limitations on placing autogen around airports.

If my conclusion is truth, is there any way to work it out and finally get some autogen round my airfield?

Any help is welcome

Do you created an EXCLUDE Bgl to suppres default airport?
I have the same problem.
But I suppose this forum explains how to resolve it. I'll take a look around.
Another question regarding autogen:
I'm looking for a tutorial that explains vegetation options ('density').
Bye Claudio
Question solved.
FS 2004 autogen will not be displayed in close proximity to an airport due to the associated airport exclude.
GianP has produced a library of ‘autogen-like’ trees which use the default textures and another which uses Gerrish Gray’s textures, which can be placed near to an airport.
So go to and have a nice day!!!
Thank you ironbeach but I already have it, now I need something to put the hundreeds of buildings around it, yes it's indeed a quite populated midwestern town.
Hi problem solved I found this OBplacer XML program of Arno, which is great by the way, and now can place houses all around the airport!!!!!!

Thank you Arno you are a genius, thank you man!!!