P3D v2 Autogen Editor and Region problem


Anyone seen this problem? I'm adding a new autogen class.
  1. I copy default.xml from Autogen folder in Prepar3D folder into SDK Environment autogen folder.
  2. I run Autogen Editor.
  3. It opens a dialog of "Validation Features" listing every region (for REVXLIB1, REVXLIB2, and 3) with a Warning Region is missing
  4. After that the program functions OK and it appears I can create a new class with objects.
  5. However, when attempting to save I get the same warnings but the save appears to fail
Anyone know why I'm getting the missing regions warning? Should I be concerned? And just what are the REVXLIBx files?

Is this also seen in the FSX SDK? Does it make a difference for anyone?

Ian, what add-ons do you have installed?
Basically FSUIPC, Megascenery in USA, UTX, VFR photo-real in UK and, yes, I recently installed RevolutionX - REVX1, REVX2, REVX3 any coincidence with the naming do you think? Most interesting and I hadn't made the connection...


By the way, the warnings make no difference - the tool still works.
Did you install RevolutionX into P3D and if so how? I think RevX makes changes to default.xml because it makes a backup called default.rxback on installation.
To experiment, I did install RevX into P3D and JustFlight VFR scenery. Simple to do - can't remember if I had to tweak anything. Works a treat. I see the backed up xml but not clear what differences there are - I'm investigating.
Of course! The answer is that RevolutionX doesn't change default.xml to include its new object library classes in all Regions - only those relevant for the UK - hence the warning messages. It's the same issue with my own for North America but actually it's not an issue because it loads and saves perfectly well.


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I think it makes sense to add the objects only to the region where you will use them. Apparently Annotator thinks not so :)