P3D v4 Autogen for Germany


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Hi Matthias,

interesting, those are much more generous conditions than I remember from when I last checked. I suppose the geospatial market is increasingly shifting to 3D content, which seems to be their new "prohibited conduct" type of data (If you think commercial imagery is expensive try licensing 3D building data :oops: ).

In any case, great project you've got going there; as an ex forest ecologist I particularly like the variety and distribution of tree types.

Cheers, Holger

It seems that I am missing one of your regions.

The area is south and west of Stuttgart:

If you cou;d search for any one of the following agn files and tell me which region it is in I would be very grateful.

(All of the agns should contain heavily wsooded areas).

EDSA - No - 011223023121233An.agn
EDSB - No - 011223020301223An.agn
EDSH - No - 011223030022300An.agn
EDSI - No - 011223201010012An.agn
EDSK - No - 011223020232133An.agn
EDSL - No - 011223023223200An.agn
EDSN - No - 011223023231110An.agn
EDST - No - 011223030220213An.agn
EDSW - No - 011223022030330An.agn
EDSZ - No - 011223023032231An.agn
EDTB - No - 011223020301321An.agn
EDTC - No - 011223021001220An.agn
EDTD - No - 011223023220101An.agn
EDTF - No - 011223022212132An.agn
EDTG - No - 011223022220332An.agn
EDTH - No - 011223030300302An.agn
EDTK - No - 011223020131203An.agn
EDTL - No - 011223022012310An.agn
EDTM - No - 011223023313112An.agn
EDTN - No - 011223030220330An.agn
EDTO - No - 011223022011302An.agn
EDTP - No - 011223023331220An.agn
EDTQ - No - 011223021310101An.agn
EDTR - No - 011223200030220An.agn
EDTS - No - 011223023203003An.agn
EDTU - No - 011223032203023An.agn
EDTW - No - 011223022131313An.agn
EDTX - No - 011223030013123An.agn
EDTZ - No - 011223201112023An.agn
Oh, indeed... Especially LIDAR-Data or in any way processed data (building footprints, high resolution DEMs, etc...) are very, very expensive.
I tried to find data for countries where the data situation is much worse than in Central Europe (Africa...). In vain.

Yes, I spent a lot of time to get the treetypes as exact as possible. But I think, the result is quite good!

@Golf-HotelDelta : You are missing whole Baden-Württemberg... ;)
Yes, of course it has a watermask! ;)
I am using a self-created photoscenery, the imagery is from google maps, the watermask is based on OpenStreetMap data, and there is also a blendmask for the states...
But wait until tomorrow... :cool:
Good morning everybody, the first pictures of lower saxony have arrived!

These POI-Models are from ORBX Germany, but fit perfectly to the scenery.

Matthias, did particular post sparked my interest. With the recent release of FlyTampa's KLAS, there's been a renewed interest in photoscenery over OrbX's landclass-based scenery with some users, since the desert areas look about a million times better with photoscenery versus the standard landclass approach. Some people have therefore purchased beautiful Megascenery Earth v3 packages, and I have to agree that the clarity of the imagery is pretty amazing. Of course there is only summer included, but frankly, I wouldn't be too concerned with that in desert areas such as Nevada and Southern California. However, I think it'd be sad to get rid of all the autogen, as well as the POIs that come with OrbX's SoCal area.

You have demonstrated in this thread that it's entirely feasible to make your own autogen for these large coverage areas, and in this particular post you demonstrate the ability to merge you photoscenery with OrbX's POIs. My question is: how did you manege to do this merge? This would be my prime requirement before even starting to try to make any autogen for the LA or Vegas areas. Did you simply position your scenery below OrbX's regions? Any help would be appreciated!
Oh, Belgium (photo + autogen) is complete, as well as the autogen for Austria... I just have to upload it, but with my internet speed this can still take a while!