P3D v4 Autogen for Germany

Yes and no. Of course you can adjust the density with the autogen sliders in P3D.
But it also depends on the data, which is available.
The most of germany has great data, but some smaller towns don't have many buildings, that's true.

For example the town in the second picture around Marburg has quite bad data...
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Ich bin wirklich aufgeregt
... über Wiesen und dichte Wälder fliegen, in Verbindung mit ORBX Deutschland POI ein tolles Erlebnis.
Glückliches Deutschland ... Danke

Grüße Will

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Hi George!

Unfortunately I'm not that far yet, first I'll finish Rhineland-Palatinate and then,
when I'm working on North Rhine-Westphalia, I'll certainly show some pictures from the area!
Hallo Matthias

Ich möchte Ihnen sagen, mit welchem Werkzeug Sie Ihre Fotoszene erstellt haben?
Ich mag Italien Photoreal oder das alte VFR Deutschland nicht.
Ich erstelle meine Fotos mit SBuilder, aber für große Flächen ist dieses schöne Werkzeug nicht geeignet.

Grüße Will

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Hi Will!

I am using FSEarthTiles to download the imagery and then I am processing these bmps with a program I have written by myself around Kelvin Richardsons tool...
Wonderful scenery!!
I have a question. as mentioned above,You said that the model used the base model and that only textures were used for TerraFlora textures, but I wonder how to change the default textures to terraFlora texture. Could you tell me how to replace the texture???
Such a long time no pictures more... Unbelievable!
Near Koblenz:

Following the Mosel to the west:

Near Trier:

Trier itself

And a few kilometers more south in Rhineland Palatine:

And now... I hope you forgive me for showing so many pictures! :oops: